Main Teachings:

  • Know yourself .
  • Perform your duties with love and submission.
  • Do not eat any kind of meat, fish or eggs. (do not kill any animal)
  • Do not hurt anyone by words, thoughts or deeds. (ahimsa of mind and deeds)
  • Share your wealth for the welfare of poor.
  • Understand what influences you all the time and check your thoughts and behaviour due to such influences.
  • Stay in the company of satvik people.
  • Do not get into habits that will degenerate your mind and body.
  • Be extremely moderate with your needs. Live a life content with whatever you have.
  • Eat simple vegetarian food and do not oversleep.
  • Share food and provide funds for annadanam.
  • Submit yourself to the god with total reverence and surrender.
  • Keep meditation as a daily routine and do it with your whole heart and total submission.
  • You are born according to your deeds in past lives. Now you can do good for others and change your present circumstances.
  • Some persons are born saints, some practice to gain that stage, some aspire for it but cannot reach it in this life but their sadhana helps them towards their goal in their next life.
  • Do not indulge in gross sensual pleasures as it only leads into the cycle of birth-death-birth and sufferings of all kinds.
  • Preserve your body as god's gift.
  • When your emotions overpower you, check the root cause of that emotion. Do not react or act negatively.
  • Serve people, god, saints, poor, old and the world in the best of your capacities. Service gives great joy and contentment. It also gives love, reverence, beauty, happiness to both the giver & the receiver.
  • You are what you eat-in the form of food and through senses. So always eat food that has come from honest earnings, be in the company of honest & simple people. You will immediately know the evil thoughts arising in your mind and then resulting in deeds/actions if you have taken evil inputs through your senses or food.
  • Keep your own surroundings, your pooja room neat,clean and peaceful,always keep your spine straight in line with neck straight up with it. This is how you should maintain posture particularly for meditation.

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